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Conway Stewart Academy (1972)  Medium chrome plated band, chrome plated clip embossed Conway Stewart, Chrome plated clip rivet and chrome plated barrel tassie, screw in steel Smoothline nib, cartridge filler. 
Conway Stewart Student (1971)  Chrome plated clip embossed Conway Stewart, colour coded plastic clip rivet, screw in steel Smoothline nib, ink view window in barrel, piston filler. 
Conway Stewart Executive (1975?) Model A80? Brushed Stainless Steel, cartridge filler, straight clip with folded over end and marked "Conway Stewart Germany". Pull off cap, long black tapered section, semi-hooded nib. Matching Ballpoint (C80) and Fibre (E80)pens. Cartridge & Ballpoint Pen Set (H80), Cartridge & Fibre Pen Set (H81), Cartridge & Fibre & Ballpoint Set (H82)
Conway Stewart Shorthand (1957-63?), GPT, 1 medium band, diamond clip, blue stud, nib CS Shorthand 3. Dimensions - length: 13.5cm; barrel + section: 10.5cm; cap: 6.7cm.  
Conway Shorthand (1958-?) Pressac filler, pull-off cap, medium band, diamond clip, green metal stud, self-colour section, metal pressure band, nib CS 3L.   Dimensions - length: 13.5cm; barrel + section: 10cm; cap: 6.3cm.
Conway Stewart Italic (1958-? ) wide knurled band, diamond clip, blue metal stud, nib  CS italic  5 Dimensions - length: 13.5cm; barrel + section: 10.4cm; cap: 6.6cm.

The Conway Pen

(c1937- ?): Diamond clip, peaked top and diamond shield on lever, no bands, GPT. Nib CS 3. Dimensions - length: 12.9cm; barrel + section: 10.4cm; cap: 5.7cm.  


(1920-30s), Ring top, 1 wide band near lip, CS nib. Dimensions - length: 9.2cm; barrel + section: 7.2cm; cap: 4.2cm.
"Dinkie" (?-?) Long, no clip, no bands, almost flat cap top, beveled cap lip with groove, CS nib. Dimensions - length: 11.9 cm; barrel + section: 9.7cm; cap: 4.1cm. 


NP ball clip with diamond CS logo, no band, NP lever, CS nib. Dimensions - length: 13.2cm; barrel + section: 10.7cm; cap: 5.7cm.  
Conway Stewart Gold Filled, full sized, panels of barleycorn engine turning spaced with plain surface, end of barrel slightly domed, end of cap peaked, diamond clip side attached to cap, lever near end of barrel with strange log (almost CS diamond logo but not quite), nib CS3N, screw threaded uncovered section. "Conway Stewart" with "Gold Filled" underneath marked round barrel between section and engine turned panels.  Dimensions - length: 12.8cm; barrel + section: 9.7cm; cap: 5.8cm.  

Not indentified

Black chased HR, barleycorn pattern, GPT, ball flanged clip, flanged lever  with large CS logo, wide GF cap band (0.5cm). Only barrel imprint is the Patent number 235447, for flanged lever.  Warranted nib. Dimensions - length 13.3cm; barrel + section: 10.8cm; cap: 5.9cm.  

Not known

Black and pink spiral lined pattern, GPT, peaked top,  diamond clip, very narrow cap band (0.5mm), button filler ( screw in metal button housing, standard metal button). Only barrel imprint is Made in England.  CS Duro nib. Dimensions - length 12.8cm; barrel + section: 9.8cm; cap: 6.1cm.  
For customisation Black chased HR, chevron pattern, very shallow domed top, GPT, ball clip with shield logo, large ended lever with small CS logo, no cap band. Only barrel imprint is Made in England.  Warranted nib. Dimensions - length 13cm; barrel + section: 10.7cm; cap: 5.9cm.  

Short, black chased HR, checker board  pattern, screw thread on end of barrel to accept cap, GPT, large ended lever with large CS logo, ring top cap with medium cap band. Only barrel imprint is Made in England.  Warranted nib. Dimensions - length 11.1cm; barrel + section: 8.6cm; cap: 5.5cm.